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Posted in Sermons on June 4, 2015 by Ted Mattis

I just wanted to send out a quick message to let you know that I just saw Dr. Barry and he said that things looked great! I know it is summertime and everyone is busy but so I am going to keep reminding yall to pray!!!!! 

I know I can trust God because I look back and see through hard times and difficulties #MFSOB cancer!  Yes things have been really hard but God does not let me down or give me more than I can handle and even allows me to grow and learn through the hard stuff! And even when I deal with fear my experience remind me that he will not let me down and part of that is the comfort the love and prayersall of the ways that God has been using y’all to help me and my family in the midst of this! I’m still not going to lie and it is easy but you all make it so much better so please know God is hearing our prayers and and please continue to pray for Dr. Ritchie and Dr. Barry. Please pray that it has not gone anywhere past my sternum and that this MF S OB cancer would not be hiding anywhere else in my body and that the chemo and the surgery and the radiationwould allow me to be healed of this cancer and for it to never come back! And that each day I would trust God more because my experience is he does not give me more than I can handle!EditEditEditEditEdit

It is amazing how well I have felt the last four days and am so thankful I am on my way to meet a friend for lunch now and getting ready for next Monday